Summertime bliss

With its relaxed pace and artistic community the Comporta in Portugal, is the ideal destination for those who want to wander. It’s the choice of celebrities such as Jacques Grange, Farida Khelfa, François Dumas, the Espírito Santo family and Madonna. Swimming on the beach and riding in the nearby Carvalhal dunes on weekends. This fishing village boasts beaches, colorful mosaics with rice parcels and an ecosystem filled with storks and frogs. All this in a peaceful setting for the impressive homes found there. Rustic cabanas and thatched-roof huts reflect the elegant lifestyle that has become a feature of Comporta. This distinctive setting intrigues the minds of architects and designers to create unique spaces that blur the line between the interior and the exterior. Inside the pages of the Comporta Bliss book, released by Assouline, the blue cobalt of the area is reflected by the sky and the mountains on the walls, the windows and the designs that decorate its houses both picturesque and bold.

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